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Dr. Maithili Rao is in a select group of Top-Rated Hematologists and Oncologists placed on the “Healthgrades Honor Roll”. 

Dr. Maithili Rao and ACOHA take pride in delivering superb cancer and hematology care in Northern NJ. We are proud to have been consistently awarded the highest ratings in patient satisfaction by patients and their families.

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Dr. Maithili Rao is in a select group of top-rated hematologists/oncologists placed on the “Healthgrades Honor Roll”. Her outstanding track record and ratings have earned her the distinction of “Healthgrades 5-Star Recognized Doctor”.

Vitals.com, a renowned national website with a database of over 830,000 physicians has recognized Dr. Rao with the “Patient’s Choice Award”. This recognition reflects the difference a particular physician has made in the lives of their patients. The honor is bestowed to physicians who have received near perfect scores as voted by patients.

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When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I never expected to meet an Oncologist as caring as Dr. Maithili Rao. Dr. Rao showed me a new level of kindness and compassion that isn’t easy to find from a doctor. She doesn’t rush you, and make you feel anxious! Dr. Rao takes time to answer all of my questions in detail, and makes sure that I understand clearly. Her follow-up and availability after an appointment is exceptional. Other doctors can learn a great deal from Dr. Rao. I am also very impressed with Dr. Rao’s staff. They are also very pleasant, kind and compassionate individuals. I feel blessed to have Dr. Rao in my life; and consider her a very special friend! Most Caring Dr. Rao

- Karen M, Read More at Vitals.com

Dr. Rao and her staff have the highest degree of customer service- She has amazing bedside manner, is well read and also recognizes that patients do a lot of homework but educates them. Brilliant Doctor!

- NJ Patient, Read More at Healthgrades.com

Dr. Rao’s best asset is her thoroughness, her accuracy, 360 degree view on addressing issues, and her ability to provide guidance post cancer treatment. I used her as a second opinion but ended up changing her to my primary oncologist! Dr. Rao has a 360 Degree View When Treating Cancer Patients

- NJ Nurse, Read More at Healthgrades.com

If I could leave a higher rating for accuracy, and bedside manner, I would do that. Dr. Rao is phenomenal. Words cannot describe how wonderful and caring she is. She took care of my mom and having seen various doctors, definitely the best! Wonderful and Caring

- NJ Nurse, Read More at Healthgrades.com

Dr. Rao, and her staff especially Misty, Allison, Michelle, Marlene, and the nurses are very empathetic and take the time to go thgough the treatment.  They are 7-stars and Dr. Rao especially is very knowlegeable and caring. Knowledgeable and Caring

- NJ Patient, - Read More at VITALS.com

Dr. Rao is one of the finest, most thorough doctors I have met… I had to wait for some time in the waiting room, but it was worth the wait- she gives all the time and dedicates herself – she is so genuine that she truly is a partner to treat cancer. She was not only available to me but the rest of my family and was never tired or hurried of explaining this. I have family who has done enough research on the web, but she will always explain the entire context in plain English. She treats the patient with respect, utmost caring, and amazing diagnosis. There are so many cancer hospitals, but I will always stick with Dr. Rao. She is the best! Dr. Rao is One of the Most Thorough Cancer Treatment Physicians

- NJ Patient, - Read More at VITALS.com

Dr. Rao is one of the 2 doctors who brought back my confidence in medical personnel.  She takes time to explain things to me.  Many times, she will write them down for me.  I never felt like I’m in and out of her office in 5 minutes.  I have always judged a physician by his/her office staff.  Well, a qualified and caring staff efficiently manages Dr. Rao’s office.  I’, lucky to have such a wonderful team supporting my healthcare needs.  They truely do a great job of taking care of me!
A First Class Operation

- NJ Patient, - Read More at VITALS.com

The most amazing, compassionate oncologist in NJ- once she starts treating, Dr. Rao gives 100% of her time, always calls back on patients, very thorough, discusses complex cases with the family- never rushes through to go to the next patient- very knowledgeable, knows that patients read up on the web and come, and clarifies information with sound clinical knowledge- absolutely brilliant physician! Most Amazing and Compassionate Oncologist

- NJ Patient, - Read More at VITALS.com

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