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Advanced Care Oncology & Hematology Associates has transformed the way patients are treated by encompassing a 360 degree integrated approach of treating patients in a private setting. We care for adults with a wide range of blood disorders and cancers.

We specialize in the treatment of Malignancies:

  • Breast Cancer

  • Lung Cancer

  • Colon, Stomach, Esophageal Cancers

  • Prostate, Kidney, Bladder Cancers

  • Ovarian, Uterus, Cervical Cancers

  • Pancreatic, Gallbladder, Liver Cancers

  • Lymphomas, Myeloma, Leukemia

Benign blood disorders:

  • Anemia

  • Platelet Disorders

  • White Blood Cell Disorders

  • Clotting Problems such as DVT, PE

  • Bleeding Disorders

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