Coping With Cancer – A Delicate Yet Critical Topic

After being diagnosed with cancer of any kind by a top rated oncologist in NJ, there is often shock, fear, and a variety of emotional reactions for the patient and his or her family and friends coping with cancer.  Even so, believe it or not, there are actually many bright sides, and some very glowing lights at the end of many tunnels. Many find themselves transformed into empowering advocates for cancer awareness along with many of the top doctors of NJ, and have discovered the most precious gift of all – inner peace.

Here are some inspirational tips on coping with cancer – endorsed by the world class Cancer Treatment Centers of New Jersey, on how to make your journey lead to a remarkable remission, that you will undoubtedly elevate your life beyond the level of health you began your healing journey at. First and foremost, it is very helpful to practice meditation. For many the idea of meditating is somewhat of a foreign concept. By meditating it doesn’t need to be the traditional “yoga” type. The suggestion here is a very different kind of thinking than basically sitting in silence, as this does not work for many people. You can simply listen to free YouTube videos, which guide you to practice breathing techniques and positive mantras. You can just stop throughout the day to take in the sights and sounds within your environment. The point is to work at spending a little time to focus on bringing yourself to a point where you are more aware.

Secondly, give up control. This is critical for coping with cancer in a health way.  There are many books, that are also voice tracks that can be read to you, such as “Love is Letting Go of Fear” or the “The Power of Now” that can be completely life changing.  These type of books are like the 12-step program for fear addicts.  They point out in a very basic way, that surrendering control of an outcome is the key to serenity. Letting yourself relax doesn’t mean you’re giving up – it’s quite the opposite. What it means is you’re good, you’re in a state of love, which is ultimately giving you a better chance of surviving. Live for today. Deeply instill the lesson of living moment by moment for yourself, and as a mantra for your children and loved ones. Don’t spend your energy on worry – it’s such a waste. Instead, get up every day and say, “Today is going to be a great day!” Put that intention into your head and let it unfold that way. No one knows how much time they have here, so make a decision to focus on living, not dying.

With this type of thinking, you will be increasing your remission path and leading yourself toward optimum health. Never underestimate the power of the mind. Dr. Maithili Rao, a top rated Oncologist of Morristown NJ, emphasizes strongly the belief of putting yourself in the present moment of gratitude as it goes a long, long way.Coping with cancer - try a service dog for positive energy and unconditional love image

Basically, do everything you can to provide the patient with love and positive energy.  You might even gently coach them if you hear them making negative statements.  This is a tough disease and We’re not saying you have to be positive all the time.  It’s OK to vent and feel the whole spectrum of emotions, but not dwell on them and perpetuate them.  Dogs are the quintessential example providers for unconditional love.  As long as there are not any allergy problems, consider having a service dog or the patients’ dog show some love.