Doctors that Help You Get Over the Fear of Cancer (Carcinophobia)

There isn’t a Doctor that works with patients that have been diagnosed with cancer who does not get asked the question, “How long do I have to live?” Every step from this point of the recovery journey is emotionally critical to the degree of fear you as a patient must brace yourself from. To be able to differentiate between great, good, and average NJ cancer treatment center oncologists and clinical specialists, it’s the doctors and practitioners that consciously “humanize” cancer care that reign as the grandest hero’s in this regard. Carcinophobia or the fear of cancer is present and scary for almost every patient, their family and friends.  They realize that there are questions and concerns, that expand beyond the more specific cancer care realm. They essentially put themselves in the patient’s shoes.

Dr. Maithili Rao, a Top Rated Oncologist and Hematologist of New Jersey, shared that she delicately speaks and thinks with a “beginner’s mindset” – and becomes deeply familiar with each case from the very start, as this leads to essential patient, doctor duel confidence. The acknowledgement of the “shock of the news” very compassionately diminishes the fear of the initial cancer reality, as well as offering a hug and understanding and encouraging a sensitive cry. A strong reassurance that everything will be fine, without overly exaggerating outcomes, and more emphasis on asking about the symptoms or side effects the patient may be concerned about is a significant factor. Most importantly is the doctor’s compassionate assimilation with the underlying reality that psychologically there will be an impact that the cancer will have on each patients body image and their quality of life.

As the care is implemented, you as a patient should never feel abandoned by your doctor in any way. When a strong sense of what it is like to be on the other side of the diagnosis is prevalent, the fears are managed with the greatest human touches. As each day transpires what makes the lives of exceptional doctors unparalleled and filled with bravery, is that they literally fight for their patients well-being day in and day out. This is not a forced quality, it’s a compassion for finding the very best combination of treatment for each patients’ unique circumstances. Not only does this make a difference for the patient, but for each and every family member and close friend. It is without question a role of saving lives. Not only do evidence-based guidelines need to be consistently considered, but tempering the data of each patients’ personalized situations must be meticulously weighed in.  The best doctors not only treat your cancer, but help you deal with carcinophobia as well.

Make no mistake, diminishing the fear of cancer is not an inherent talent that just any doctor has, it comes with years of intense commitment, study and practice. So is it just one skill? Not in any way. It is a delicate combination of things, most importantly, it is the “fearlessness” of the doctor to voice strong opinions about what’s happening. This is not because they are smarter than other physician or cancer doctor NJ, but the critical factor is knowing the data, and then using that knowledge to best predict what could happen next, and always acting proactively instead of reactively, and keeping you the patient informed of what their doing, and why they are doing it. The NJ cancer treatment center doctors that can best read between the lines of the data, and not be afraid of the knowing that “nothing is set in stone,” makes for the most fearless remission paths for profoundly appreciative cancer patients.

These amazing doctors also realize that carcinophobia doesn’t stop with your cancer in remission.  They also help you with diet and lifestyle choices to help you reduce stress, fear and the incidence of disease or illness.