Lung Cancer Specialists NJ

Lung Cancer Statistics

Each year in the United States, about

Lung Cancer Statistics

Each year in the United States, about

What is Lung Cancer:

Specialists at ACOHA care for patients with all types of lung cancer and chest tumors, including mesothelioma, small cell lung cancer, non-small cell lung cancer and thymoma. Once patient steps into the practice, we work with the patient navigate through all challenges including their billing, authorizations, and treatment options.


ACOHA Cancer Patient-Centric Approach:

ACOHA provides patient-centric healthcare that embraces information and interactions that emanate from the patient, as opposed to the more antiquated patient-centered care that focuses on the physician and their practice. Our patient-centric approach ensures pristine workflow. As your trusted partner, our navigators help each patient every step of the way. Patients do not have to wait 30 days for appointments. Our check ins and follow up initiatives, for scans, MRI’s and medicines including nutritional considerations are the primary focal points of our entire team. Our nurses, doctors, medical assistants and nurse practitioners guide patients along the way with 360 degree continuous communication and access.

Lung Cancer Treatment:

Lung cancer is treated in several ways.

Our NJ Lung Cancer Center Oncology and Hematology Practitioners:

Maithili Rao, M.D., Ashish Khot, M.D., Charlesse Pondt, M.D., Joshua Strauss, M.D., Ashish Shah, D.O., Ramsey Asmar, M.D., Nikki Bajaj, MD, Marlene Schmitz, APN, Edgar “Joed” LaChica, APN, Cherry Rudge, APN, Jessica Surloff, PA, Jennifer Figueroa, PA

Our Lung Cancer Oncology and Hematology Practitioners can be located by referencing medical directories for: Lung Cancer Hematology Oncology Doctors and…….

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